Casket(Side A)

I Hate My Crew




Cape Name Origin: After fiddling around with various Light themed names, all of which sounded pretentious or silly, of which he just couldn’t have, Elias started turning to other aspects of his life, particularly his job.
Real Name: Elias Avery.
Name Origin: Elias is the Latin form of the name Elijah, a Hebrew name meaning “my God is Yahweh”. Avery is a surname which was itself derived from the Norman French form of the given name Alfred/Alberich.
Real Identity: Hidden.
Occupation: Morgue Assistant. He’s largely involved in the technical aspect of the job as his appearance and attitude conflict with the often conservative customer base. How he got the job is a question even he can’t answer. He gets along well with his employers; perhaps they took pity on him.
Height: 5’9"
Weight: Around 155lbs
Age: 26; Oct. 06th
Hand: Right-handed.
Skin: A medium range white. Not really tanned but not pale either. He’s got tattoos from head to toe.
Eyes: Tawny in color. Fairly tired looking from long hours kept at work.
Hair: Undercut and two-tone colored, what else?
Body: Skinny, bony, gangling limbs he covers with thicker clothing.

Positives: 5 words
Negatives: 5 words
Gender Identity: Male. He was assigned female at birth, making him a binary transgender man.
Sexual Identity: Bisexual.
Theme Mix:
“White Shadows” by Coldplay
“The High Road” by Broken Bells
“Follow My Feet” by The Unlikely Candidates
“Dear Avery” by The Decemberists
“They Move on Tracks of Never-Ending Light” by This Will Destroy You

-Place of Birth out of state. Now resides in Logan City.

Notable Relationships:
Leslie Collins: Recently out of a long term relationship with. Not on speaking terms.
Emily Avery: His now adult younger sister Elias has recently tried reconnecting with. She’s living with unmentionable parents he’s long since disappointed and consequently separated from.
Mason Thompson:
Jess Gordon:
Gotama Bahtt:

Group Affiliation: Sun-Et-Tel’s Thrall
Base of Operations: Boathouse
First Appearance: Sun-Et-Tel and Logan City Issue #1

Casket(Side A)

Sun-et-tel and Logan City AssassinBait