Protectorate Power Classification

Protectorate Power Classification

Capes whose powers let them move great distances at a time. These category include flyers, teleporters and speedsters.

Powers that involves affecting their surroundings. Most wide-area-effect, forcefield and spacetime manipulation powers fall under the Shaker classification.

Those under the ‘brute’ label are unnaturally tough and strong.

Generally those who had some ability to ‘break’ the natural laws of the universe as far as those laws applied to them. This is frequently a side effect of powers to prevent them from harming their owners.

A cape whose powers let them control others or create minions (be they humans, parahumans, animals or specific objects).

Covers anyone with powers that give them an advanced grasp of science. Lets them make technology years ahead of its time. Most Tinkers have a specialty or a special trick. Something they’re particularly good at or something that they can do, which other Tinkers can’t.

A cape with a ranged attack.

A cape who has powers relating to planning, information acquisition and, in some cases, narrow cognitive enhancement.

A cape with the ability to apply some effect by touch or at point-blank range. The striker classification could include certain Breaker effects as they were applied to things other than the cape themselves, but not always. Other strikers included those who used energy weapons, those who had certain kinds of superstrength that weren’t accompanied by durability and those with pyrokinesis or such that didn’t extend more than a foot around them.

Those who can change their shape to some extent.

Entails being able to change their powers based on specific circumstances, adapt their powers to different situations or act directly on the abilities of other parahumans whether to copy, borrow or nullify.

The term “Stranger” refers to parahumans whose abilities can be used for stealthy action and/or impact the mind to prevent a specific reaction.

Protectorate Power Classification

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